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    CUSP is About…  New Teacher Support and Training.

    CUSP is focused on advocating for policies and programs that support the recruitment, retention and development of high quality k-12 educators.  CUSP aims to provide programs, mentoring opportunities and professional learning programs that can help new teachers get started and excel in a high pressure work field.

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    CUSP is About… Unique Professional Development Programs.

    CUSP works to collaboratively design and deliver a comprehensive section of inter-district professional development programs to renew, retain and revitalize k-12 teachers and administrators.  CUSP also offers ongoing professional networking opportunities for teachers and school leaders alike, as well as powerful guest speakers.

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    CUSP is About… Educational Partnerships and Networking.

    CUSP is dedicated to nurturing university and school partnerships in order to help prepare caring, highly qualified and competent teachers and administrators.  This means mutual learning and information sharing among district educators, university faculty and staff.

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